Active WhatsApp Channel Links | WhatsApp Channels list 2023

WhatsApp channel is a medium with WhatsApp to help any person create his own WhatsApp channel and share information and daily updates related to him to many people simultaneously. Just as there are channels in Telegram, similarly a new channel feature option is now visible in WhatsApp.

To use WhatsApp channel, you will first need to create your WhatsApp channel, but there are some terms and conditions for creating it, after you can create your channel. To join the WhatsApp channel, you will be able to join the channels associated with different artists by going to Updates and scrolling down.

Active WhatsApp Channels list 2023

Active WhatsApp Channels List

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What is a WhatsApp channel?

WhatsApp channel is a medium with the help of you can share your posts with anyone. Now to get any kind of latest updates, you have to join the WhatsApp channel associated with them, there are some following channels which you can watch right now and join them.

You will be able to join some of the following channels created by different artists, actors and actresses through WhatsApp, that we know as WhatsApp channels. WhatsApp channel is the easiest and right way with the help of which anyone can get updates by joining these channels.

There are some more channels which you can join and get related updates from them. If you want to join the following channels then to join them you will open your WhatsApp application and scroll down to the update area.

Is WhatsApp broadcast safe?

In current days, WhatsApp broadcast is not safe at all because if you share updates with anyone with the help of WhatsApp broadcast, then SMS is sent to them from your personal number.

Broadcast does not allow you to hide your WhatsApp number because if you are using Broadcast. So you share the same information to many people simultaneously due to some people can also get your mobile number that is not safe at all in today’s time.

If seen from the point of view of privacy and security, then broadcast is not safe because by using it, your mobile number etc. is available to the receiver. There is no such problem in WhatsApp channel, WhatsApp channel is given in your name.

How to create your own channel in WhatsApp iOS

Creating a channel in WhatsApp is very easy but it has some terms and conditions that are very mandatory to follow. If you do not come under these terms and conditions, then you are not eligible to create a WhatsApp channel.

We’ve gone through some research and news to find out what processes you might need to go through to create a new WhatsApp channel. Follow the procedure given below and you will be able to create your WhatsApp channel.

If you want to create WhatsApp channel in Apple iOS devices then follow the following procedure given below and create your WhatsApp channel.

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • Click on Updates
  • If you see a plus sign at the bottom of Updates, click on it.
  • Click on Create a New Channel
  • Update your channel name and profile picture.
  • You have successfully created your WhatsApp channel.

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel

To create a WhatsApp channel, you have to follow the following rules and methods. If you do not follow the terms and conditions then you may face a lot of problems and problems in creating a WhatsApp channel.

Follow the following procedures to create a WhatsApp channel, it is very easy to create a WhatsApp channel but if you find it difficult then you can create it easily. To make it in Android device, you have to follow the step by step process given below.

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • Go to the Updates tab inside the WhatsApp application
  • scroll down
  • Click on the plus icon
  • Click on Create a New Channel
  • Enter a logo and name for your channel and submit.

You have learned how to create your WhatsApp channel, but there are some rules for it, only after you can create your channel. If the option of Create a Channel is not available in your WhatsApp, then you do not fulfill the criteria of the following terms and conditions below.

  • Your WhatsApp business account must be verified.
  • Must be a famous person or institution.
  • Your WhatsApp Business account must be verified with a valid ID.

These are some of the following terms and conditions are mandatory to follow. If you do not come under these terms and conditions or you do not fill the criteria, then you cannot create a new channel.


WhatsApp channel is a medium that any person can share his daily routine and his upcoming programs and events directly with his fans. If any person or institute wants to give any kind of update, then they will be able to share new updates and tech guides with the users using WhatsApp channel.