GSWS Worker WhatsApp Group Links

If you also work in the Gram Ward Sachivalaya then you must join GSWS Worker WhatsApp group. After joining these WhatsApp groups, you will be able to get information related to all types of Gram wards and secretariats. The information received here will be very important for you.

To get any kind of latest news and information related to Gram Ward Secretariat, join GSWS Worker WhatsApp group immediately. This group will be more beneficial only for those people who are working in it. If any person wants to join the group who does not work in it, then he can join to get information.

Active GSWS Worker WhatsApp Group Links

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How to Join GSWS Worker WhatsApp Group?

Here we have shared various types of GSWS Worker WhatsApp group links, after joining which you will be able to get all types of information related to working in the Gram Board Sachivalaya on your mobile. If you face any problems in joining this group, please inform us in the comments.

  • Click on the desired link from the WhatsApp group link given above.
  • You will be redirected to WhatsApp application
  • Click on the Join button in the WhatsApp application.
  • You have successfully joined the group.

Rules for GSWS Worker WhatsApp Group

If people working in Gram wards associated with all types of secretariats join this group, then it will be mandatory for them to follow all the rules of the group. Violation of the following rules will result in immediate removal from the group. Once removed from the group, there may be problems in joining the group again.

  • Do not argue with any person.
  • Follow all group terms and conditions.
  • Follow all the guidelines given in the group.
  • Do not hurt any personal or religious sentiments.
  • Do not do anything in the group that may cause problems to anyone.
  • Follow the guidelines given by the group administrator.


In today’s post we have shared with you GSWS Worker WhatsApp Group Link. After joining, if you want to work or are working in the ward secretariat, then this group can be very good for you. If you face any problem while joining the group, please share your problem with us in the comment section.

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