What is WhatsApp Communities and how do I use it?

Let us know what WhatsApp communities is and how we can use it. So that you can also create your WhatsApp community and use it. Communities are used to connect different types of people.

WhatsApp Communities is a medium through which different types of people can be connected. So that he can get different types of information. Below we have explained it in detail which you can read carefully.

What is WhatsApp Communities

WhatsApp Communities is a feature of the WhatsApp application, through which you will be able to use different types of groups together through one community. For example, you have different types of groups and you want to link them together so that anyone can search and add to them, then you can use Community.

In brief, WhatsApp Communities is a collection of groups where people can create a type of group and join them. Through this medium also, any type of notification and update will be sent to everyone first through the community.

How do I use the WhatsApp community?

To use WhatsApp Community, you have been given the following methods, following which you can use the community very easily. So, please use the community by following the following procedure carefully.

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Click on Create Community.
  • Name the community.
  • Proceeded.
  • After the community is successfully created, follow the following procedure.
  • Add different types of groups to it.
  • People can do this without any link in whatever group they want to join.

Some WhatsApp Groups

Add Your Group
More Active Groups


Using WhatsApp Community, any type of group can be joined and reach out to people through the community. Through the created community, people will be able to connect with you daily by joining your WhatsApp group.

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